Yoshlarni ma’naviy-ma’rifiy tarbiyasi bilan ishlash bo’limi

The head of the Department

  • L. F. P. Yuldashev Rahimjon Rafuqjon o’g’li
  • Phone number 99890 207 76 67
  • E-mail
  • Reception days Saturday 13:00 14:00

The department was established in 1964 and is aimed at educating students in the spirit of faith, courage and devotion to the great and noble goal of building a free and prosperous country – unconditional devotion to the ideas of national independence, love for the motherland. organizes educational and educational activities. It also organizes and coordinates various scientific, creative and artistic circles, clubs and gatherings to develop the knowledge and potential of our talented students. At the same time, the department monitors the organization of spiritual and educational work in the dormitories and the spiritual and educational life of the Information Resource Center of the Institute. It works closely with the myth, the primary organization of the Youth Union and the Women’s Committee.

– to promote the reforms being implemented in our country among young people;

– Establishment of moral, aesthetic, political, legal, artistic education among students;

-Organization of conferences, roundtables and meetings dedicated to the promotion of national traditions and values;

-helping to improve the spiritual and physical development of students;

– to determine the priorities of spiritual, educational work in the branch, to ensure the development and implementation of the necessary regulatory documents;

-Determination of ideological immunity among students in the fight against religious extremism, terrorism, drug addiction and organized crime;

-increasing the interest of young people in music, painting, literature, theater and other arts, helping to develop their talents;

-creation of the necessary conditions for the physical training of young people, the manifestation of their abilities in sports;

– The city, district branches of the Republican Center for Spirituality and Enlightenment are actively involved in the development of spiritual and educational cooperation in cooperation with the foundations and public organizations operating in our country.

Hasanova Sharifaxon – Stylist

Dehqonov Azamatjon – Stylist

Toshmatov Muhammadyususf – Stylist

Alisherov Shoxruxbek – Stylist

Akramova Sevara – Stylist

Hasanov Zohidjon – Educator

Dadaboyeva Sanobarkhon – Educator