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✅ ANSWER: To know this, you need to read this post to the end without melting. Just read the headline and immediately commented, “I didn’t get enough points, how much will I pay?” you do not have to write a comment.

Many are asking how much a super-contract will cost.

Anyone can independently calculate the cost of a super-contract, for which all the necessary information has been published. Just a little disappointment.

However, I will try to explain once again how to calculate the amount of super-contract.

❗️First of all, keep in mind that you can find out the exact amount of the super-contract only and only through the higher education institution to which you have applied. This is because many universities have achieved financial independence and are able to set prices freely, and the government only approves the minimum amount. Instead of saying “how much will it cost me, how much will it cost him” on the Internet, I advise you to contact the university and find out exactly.

Now about the minimum quantities.

❗️Note 1: The system called super-contract is available for full-time, part-time and evening education;

‼ ️Note 2: For entrants who receive benefits but are unable to enter, the super-contract price is set based on the total entrance score, not the passing score of the privileged.

The cost of a super-contract is calculated from the amount of the contract without tuition in the form of full-time education (there are no part-time and evening scholarships). This means that you need to multiply the contract amount shown in the table below by the super-contract ratio.

You also need to determine which of the 3 categories you belong to.

1️⃣ Category 1: entrants who did not reach the entrance line up to 4.05 points

The following scale applies:

➖ for entrants under 1.05 points – 1.5 times the basic payment-contract amount;

➖ 1.06 points to 2.05 points – 2.0 times;

➖ 2.06 points to 3.05 points – 2.5 times;

➖ 3.06 points to 4.05 points – 3.0 times.

For example, let’s say you missed 1.5 points in math. In this case, the applicant pays twice. According to the table, the contract price in mathematics is 6,412,610 soums. This means that an applicant with less than 1.5 points in mathematics will pay a super-contract of 12 million 825 thousand soums (2 x 6,412,610).

2️⃣ Category 2: those who did not reach the entry line by more than 4.05 points and scored more than 56.7 points

Such applicants pay at least 8, 10, 12, 15, 17 or 25 times the normal contract shown in the table below, depending on the direction of the super-contract.

Here’s how to pay for which route:
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For example, let’s say the entrance score in economics is 150 points. The entrant scored 70 points. This means that he was less than 4 points, and he scored more than 56.7 points. The minimum super-contract for the economy is set at 10 times. The average contract price without a stipend is 9,129,930 soums.

👆Conclusion: the minimum amount of super-contract for the economy is 91 million 299 thousand soums (10 x 9.129.930).

❕THIS IS IMPORTANT: All students who score less than 4.05 points and score more than 56.7 points will receive the same grade. In other words, less than 5 points and less than 50 points are paid equally. That’s why I didn’t get 10 points, I didn’t get 30 points, it’s useless to ask how much.

3️⃣ Category 3: Those who scored less than 56.7 points

Such applicants can also study on a super-contract, but pay at least twice the amount paid by those in category 2. For example, an applicant applied for an economics degree and scored 40 points, less than 56.7 points. This means that he must pay at least 182 million 598 thousand soums (2 x 91,299,300).

So, you can easily calculate at least approximately how many super-contracts you will pay based on your points.

ℹ️ I will repeat at the end, you can know the exact amount only through the university. Find out the other technical and organizational aspects of super-contract payment from universities.