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About the work done to fight against poverty

at   the Andijan Institute of Agriculture and Agrotechnologies.

In accordance with the decree of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev “On comprehensive measures to provide high-quality social services and assistance to the population and establish an effective control system”, every Friday in Uzbekistan “Mehr and the day of generosity”. At the same time, all state bodies and organizations were determined to receive information from the needy population, persons with disabilities and lonely elderly people, take care of them and conduct charity events.

The feeling that elevates a person spiritually is love. Especially, love and mutual gifts between people who are incapable of work, disabled, needing social protection glorify the spirit of this person and strengthen the affection towards them and bring the ties closer to each other. In our Republic, we always pay attention to such people, talk with such people in society, always ask about their families, and constantly monitor their social, material, and spiritual support.

As a proof of the above words, 43,550,478 soums of financial support for the disabled, orphans, orphans, low-income and talented active students studying at the Andijan Institute of Agriculture and Agro-Technology in the academic year 2022/2023 was approved and financial assistance in the amount of 37,894,480 soums was given.

Disabled, orphaned, orphaned, low-income and talented active students living in the student accommodation of the institute are exempted from the payment of TTJ. Also, 14 orphans, orphaned and underprivileged students studying at the faculties of agricultural products storage and processing, plant protection and agrochemistry, agribusiness and digital economy, agrobiology, agroengineering and hydromelioration were contracted. the fees were paid by the regional government.

In addition, part of the contract fee of 46 children of low-income families was paid at the expense of the institute. 50% of the rent of 120 students living in rented accommodation was paid at the institute’s expense, totaling 27,415,000 soums.

The years 1983-1992 were designated by the United Nations (UN) as the International Decade of Persons with Disabilities in order to focus worldwide attention on improving the lifestyle of persons with disabilities. In accordance with the resolution adopted at the 37th plenary session of the UN General Assembly at the end of this decade (October 14, 1992),

December 3 is declared the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

In this international document, all UN member countries are recommended to regularly create the necessary conditions for disabled people to live a full life, work, get an education and restore their health, and to celebrate this day on a large scale.

In this regard, a number of events were organized at the Andijan Institute of Agriculture and Agro-Technology on the occasion of “International Day of Disabled Persons” on December 3 of this year. An event was held for 200 students of our institute with disabilities, orphans, orphans, and those in need of social protection. Their hearts were happy with this attention and they became even higher.

During the event, the rector of the institute, Komiljon Sobirovich, met with the students and congratulated them, saying that he is always with the students of our institute, always supports them and congratulates them with his sincere wishes. They celebrated a festive event around a table. The musical part of the event was successful with the participation of students. All faculty deans, deputy deans, faculty activists and professors of the department took part in the event.

Mutual gifting between people strengthens these bonds even more. In connection with the International Day of Disabled People, charity events were organized in the institute, and the proceeds from this charity event were According to the relevant order of the rector of the institute, one part was used as material support, and another part was given as valuable and souvenirs submitted in the form of



A person should always share kindness, always take care of people who are thirsty for love. On December 3, on the occasion of the “International Day of Disabled Persons”, the team and students of our institute visited the disabled, orphaned, orphaned sisters in need of social protection who live in the “Chuvama Muruvvat Women’s Boarding House for Persons with Disabilities”. They heard about our sisters.

Under the leadership of the deputy dean of the Faculty of Agribusiness and Digital Economy for work with youth and spiritual-enlightenment issues, the faculty tutor and professors working in the faculty, the students and youth of the faculty are guests at this institution, mothers and they had a sincere conversation with the sisters. At the end of the conversation, prayers were given



On May 9 of this year, under the slogan “Appreciating the elderly”, under the leadership of Nilufar Akbarova, tutor of the Faculty of Agribusiness and Digital Economy of the Andijan Institute of Agriculture and Agro-Technology, tutors Farhod Uzogmirzayev and Rasuljon Soliyev, and faculty coordinator Sanjar Isomiddinov, the Logistics Education Department 1 67th grade students went to “Sakhovat Boarding House for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities” located in Andijan city on the occasion of “May 9 Day of Remembrance and Appreciation”. Fathers and mothers living in the institution had a conversation with our compatriots with physical disabilities at the social event under the slogan “Appreciating the elderly” and expressed good wishes for them. These gifts were handed over to their owners.


Andijan Institute of Agriculture and Agrotechnologies  June 2 of this year

Under the leadership of S. Bostonova, the students of the 1st stage, 11th group of the Faculty of Agrobiology, Agronomy, went to Pakhtaabad district for meritorious deeds. They shared in the Chuvama women’s charity house and lost our sisters. Residents of the institution were very happy with the interesting conversation. Such visits are of great importance in teaching our young people great and meritorious deeds, such as being the cause of others’ happiness, sharing good deeds, extending loving hands to people. The gifts given to our sisters made them really happy.



Andijan Institute of Agriculture and Agrotechnologies

On July 5 of this year, the rector of Komilov Komiljon Sobirovich visited Izboskan district to inquire about the condition of citizens with limited opportunities, on the verge of divorce, disabled, children of troubled families, and citizens who lost their breadwinners. As part of the visit, information was received from families with disabilities living in Kashkarlik MFY. Their living conditions were studied and food products considered necessary for their daily needs were given. A citizen who needs a wheelchair due to his disability was given a wheelchair on the same day, and his problem was solved.



Andijan Institute of Agriculture and Agrotechnologies

July 25 of this year

The group tutor and talented students of the Faculty of Agrobiology visited the apartments of Turgunboy Toraev, an honorary teacher who worked for many years in the institute, especially in the faculty, under the poem “Honor to you, applause to you, dear teachers”. The teacher’s condition was reported.


In order to end poverty in our institution

During the 12 months of 2022, the “United” trade union committee carried out the following works:

1) March 8 “International Women’s” holiday, March 21 “National Navroz” holiday, May 9 “Remembrance and Appreciation” day, sports 63 million by the trade union for competitions. 200,000 soums were allocated and spent according to the plan;

2) to 8 professors-teachers and workers of the institute, Botirov

Ortigali, Sattarov Khusanboy, Norgoziyeva Tajikhon, Djalilova Zulaiho, Tursunov

Bakhodirjon, Matyaqubov Olimjon, Khojiboyev Mukhiddin and Baratova Mokhidil gave referrals to “Zomin”, “Botanika”, “Aq Tosh”, “Chimyon” and “Chortoq” sanatoriums of our republic to restore their health. 13 million 600 thousand soums were spent on these referrals;

3) financial assistance in the amount of 4 million 125 thousand soums was provided by the trade union to 25 workers and technicians;

4) 4 million 400 thousand soums were allocated to 15 low-income families working in the institute;

5) sports competitions were held at the institute, i.e. football, volleyball and table tennis competitions, as well as football competitions with regional organizations and enterprises. Total for the prize as our institute took 1st place in this

4 million 800 thousand soums were spent;

6) Our institute for the development of domestic tourism in the Republic

260 professors and teachers, working technicians, i.e. janitors, cleaners, gardeners, guards, went on a trip to recreation centers in the city of Khanabad and Bogishamol in our region, as well as Amir Olimkhan Museum and recreation centers in Koqan, Fergana region. they came. 24 million 400 thousand soums were spent on this trip.

A holiday was organized for the children of employees of the institute on the occasion of “June 1 World Children’s Protection Day”.

An event was held together with A. Maksutaliyev, the 1st vice-rector for youth work and spiritual education, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Khabibillo Siddikov, associate professor of the department of hydraulic engineering and reclamation facilities and winner of the medal of fame of the poet.

On February 17, 2022, an event dedicated to the 540th anniversary of the birth of horn and poet, national singer Zahiriddin Muhammed Babur and the 582nd anniversary of the birth of the Sultan of the word Mir Alisher Navoi was held in the student residence of the institute. A spiritual event was held for the students living in the student residence with the participation of professors and teachers of the Department of Uzbek language, pedagogy and physical culture.

A total of 114 million 525 thousand soums were spent by the trade union until December 31 of this year.