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The efforts of the Andijan Institute of Agriculture and Agrotechnologies reflect a commendable commitment to ecologically sustainable land use and the preservation of land resources. The institute has established a regular schedule for organizing activities that encourage rational land use, especially during the autumn-spring season. Notably, professors and teachers actively engage in planting ornamental and fruit tree species on unused land within the institute’s territory, underscoring their dedication to enhancing the ecological landscape.

Moreover, the institute places significant emphasis on preserving plants and animals, particularly focusing on protecting endangered endemic species. Professors and teachers from the Department of Agricultural Crop Selection and Medicinal Plant Cultivation, along with other staff members, are instrumental in these conservation efforts. They have made substantial contributions to preserving various medicinal plants and rare species, aligning with the institute’s goal of replenishing declining plant populations and safeguarding endangered animal breeds. This comprehensive approach extends to providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills for cultivation, production, and conservation, fostering a holistic understanding of agriculture and biodiversity preservation. The involvement of students from the Forestry Education program in national green space initiatives further highlights the institute’s commitment to active participation in environmental events and dedication to sustainable land use practices.

In summary, the Andijan Institute of Agriculture and Agrotechnologies consistently supports activities aimed at efficient land use, ecosystem preservation, and biodiversity conservation. The multifaceted initiatives and educational endeavors underscore the institute’s proactive role in nurturing environmental stewardship and promoting sustainable agricultural practices, encapsulating a holistic approach to ecological responsibility.