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Dear teachers, parents and students!

According to the hydrometeorological service center, starting from January 10, in order to prevent a sharp increase in seasonal flu among the population, especially in educational institutions, during the period of a sharp drop in air temperature, the winter vacation period for students of higher and professional educational institutions, academic lyceums will be until January 18, 2023. extended to

Classes will begin on January 18.

During this period, the current salary payments to pedagogues and other employees of educational organizations will be maintained.

Also, on holidays, online seminars on preparation of scientific articles, spiritual and educational events are held for students.

In order to create favorable conditions for students to return to their educational institutions, the deadline for granting a 50 percent discount on air and railway ticket fares has been extended until January 18, 2023.

The most important thing is that air and railway tickets bought before January 9 will be exchanged for the relevant period free of charge.

In addition, in connection with the extension of the vacation, additional seats (flights) will be allocated on the air and railway lines.

Lessons scheduled during this period are intensively taught during the academic year.