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🇺🇿 The Center for Supporting the Spiritual Growth of Students and Pupils under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation announces the “Kitab Khan Youth” online competition in order to meaningfully organize the free time of students during the winter vacation.

📚 To participate in the contest, participants must register at @kitobtanlovbot ( and read 2 books and solve tests based on them by January 19. ladi

✅In the end, 30 participants will be recognized as winners and prize-winners of the competition and will be awarded by the organizers in the following order:

🔵1st place – 5 million soums and 1st degree diploma;
🔵 2nd-3rd places – 4 million soums and II degree diploma;
🔵4th-6th places – 3 million soums and III degree diploma;
🔵7-10th places – 2 million soums and a certificate;
🔵11-20th places – 1 million soums and a certificate;
🔵 Winners of the “Most active campaigner” nomination (10 people) will be awarded with 1 million soums and a certificate.

📌 Acquaintance with the competition regulations

( Get a book in your hand without wasting the winter vacation. Achieve a high score in the competition and take a place among the winners.