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🌐Have the opportunity to study at the Michigan State University in the United States of America on the basis of an educational grant in the field of agriculture.

Types of education
🔷Bachelor, duration of education – 4 years;
🔷 Master’s degree, duration of education – 2 years;
🔷Doctoral course (PhD), duration of education – 3 years;
🔷Postdoctoral education.

📝For information, Michigan State University is listed in the prestigious 93rd place in the ranking of world universities compiled by Times Higher Education for 2022.

Preliminary requirements for candidates:
Certificate of knowledge of foreign languages (IELTS or TOEFL.
✅Successful passing of the interview conducted by the selection commission.
✅Receiving an unconditional offer from Michigan State University;
Successful applicants will have the opportunity to go directly to the United States of America and study at Michigan State University.

The following tuition-related expenses are fully covered by the grant:
✅ contract payment;
✅ dormitory expenses;
✅ one-time travel expenses;
Visa costs.
Documents (CV, Self Introduction, Study plan, Foreign language certificate) are accepted by e-mail or telegram link @mashhurbek_703.
For more information: +998712028008 (Ext. 11531)