Institut news

A number of spring events were held today at the Andijan Institute of Agriculture and Agrotechnologies. One of them was an event dedicated to the birthday of Zulfiyakhanim, a woman of unparalleled grace and loyalty, a poet beloved by readers. The women’s management board of the institute and the chairman of the women’s board of the faculty of plant protection, agrochemistry and soil science were the hosts of this event together with female students. Zucco, our polite girls paid special attention to the life and work of the poetess. His best poems dedicated to faithful, longing and painful nights were memorized. A bouquet of musical performances was a tree of spring days. Schoolgirls, who participated as guests, showed off that the hats are made of gold silk.

The fashion show showed the original Uzbek girls in their national costumes. The active participants of the event, which took place in a good mood and applause, were awarded with certificates of honor and souvenirs.