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June 27, 2022


About  Andijan Institute of Agriculture and Agro technologies  sports planned for June 2022 between faculties  on the competitions held on


Students of Andijan Institute of Agriculture and Agro technologies, in order to widely involve professors and teachers, academic staff and workers in mass-physical and sports-health activities Sports club of the institute based on certificate No. 339-B dated December 28, 2020 established.

Currently, the Institute has 5 faculties.

1) Storage and processing of agricultural products

2) Plant protection and agro chemistry

3) Agribusiness and digital economy

4) Agrobiology

5) Agro engineering and hydro melioration

A total of 3622 students are studying in the above faculties.

724 of them were included in sports sections. Established in the institute

sports (football, mini-football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, chess, tug-of-war,

athletics) sports sections are organized.

During 2022, the sport of football, mini football, volleyball, basketball, table

a total of 32 times in tennis, chess, tug-of-war, athletics

sports competitions organization of sports events more than 58 times

is planned to be held in the mood.

5 initiatives put forward by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

among the students of the institute for the purpose of widespread introduction of sports volleyball, table

competitions in tennis, chess and other types are held.

Also, our female students, who are the queens of our institute, are in every field

active. Chairmen of the Faculty Women’s Council are separate in their free time

who established a system of work. On June 6 of this year, among the students of the institute, “You are not afraid of sports

under the motto “towards life” sports are volleyball, table tennis, badminton, chess and

Sports competitions in checkers were held.

The students and girls who participated in the competitions and won are the management of the institute

were awarded with a certificate of honor and souvenirs.


On June 14, 2022, a mini-football competition was held under the motto “Physical education and sports health guarantee” on the green field of the institute.

Students of 4 fields of study of the Faculty of Plant Protection, Agrochemistry and Soil Science competed in this competition.

At the end of the allotted time, the students of the field of plant protection became the winners and won the prize of the dean of the faculty.


On June 25 of this year, an inter-faculty competition in the sport “Mini football” was organized among the youth living in the student residence. Teams of 5 faculties played on the green field as rivals. The game was intense. Each participant fought seriously for the victory.

1st place is the Faculty of Agribusiness and Digital Economy; Faculty of Agro engineering and hydro melioration took 2nd place; The Faculty of Agrobiology took the 3rd place.

The team and students of the “Agribusiness and digital economy” faculty actively participated in this event.